Greek handmade jewelry LALAOUNIS

Greek handmade jewelry  LALAOUNIS
Jewellery Greek handmade jewelry LALAOUNIS

Ilias Lalaounis Museum, the legacy in Greece

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Ilias Lalaounis Museum, the legacy in Greece
Stories Ilias Lalaounis Museum, the legacy in Greece

Sandals, the favorites

Sandals, the favorites
Accessories Sandals, the favorites

Zeus+Dione SS 2016

Each custommade textile is weaved, dyed, embroidered and cut by expert artisans utilizing traditional techniques with a contemporary edge. Zeus+Dione’s exclusive silk textiles are crafted uniquely for the brand in a quaint spinning mill in Soufli. Each silk shirt is then cut by hand, and later embroidered in Metsovo, while dresses and skirts are knitted by the craftswomen of the Cyclades. Beyond the production of custom textiles, selected designs are adorned with traditional patterns and intricate motifs handwoven in Crete, ensuring an elegant signature collection every season. "Zeus+Dione"
Zeus+Dione SS 2016
Despoina's must haves Zeus+Dione SS 2016
The inspiration drawn from doric elements are the clean lines embellished with intricate details and elegant patterns stemming from geometric shapes. "Zeus+Dione"

I Love Colors

Spring, sunny days, better mood. It's time to change!
I Love Colors
Despoina's must haves I Love Colors

Bridal 2016 by Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias

What more wonderful than one feminine and romantic bridal of Atelier "Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias"?
Bridal 2016 by Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias
Bridal Bridal 2016 by Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias
The fashion should be a form of escape, not a form of imprisonment.
- Alexander McQueen, Fashion Designer
The joy of dressing is an art.
- John Galliano, Fashion Designer
Buy less, choose best.
- Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer
If inelegantly dressed, they will remember the garment. If you dress immaculately will remember you.
- Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer
For me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who we are in the clothes we wear.
- Marc Jacobs, Fashion Designer
To dress well is a form of good manners.
- Tom Ford, Fashion Designer